September 20, 2013

10 Productivity Apps For Linux: 2013 Collection

It is generally assumed that Linux offers no applications; this is an assumption that is totally erroneous. The fact is that Linux does offer some great applications that are related to productivity, but the one thing that you will find really tough is finding the application.
When the reference is made to productivity related to tools here, what we actually mean is those tools that can help with better management of time, better scheduling, keeping of notes, management of tasks and other office related tools. With the way we lead our lives having that extra something offering us the means to manage things in a better manner can make all the difference to our lives. This not only applies to life on a professional level but also enhances the ability to juggle things on a personal level too.

The thing about Linux is that many a newcomer who uses Linux may not even know that there is a huge selection of tools that you can pick from.
To make finding these easier, we give below a list of Productivity Apps For Linux for you to go through. You can always take a cue from here and do some more research for your specific needs:

1. Tomboy

Tomboy for Linux

If your desk looks like it has been hit by a flurry of papers and notes then you need Tomboy. This one allows you to make short notes randomly so that you can simply search when you need the information. Or you can also organize them into categories for later use.

2. Wunderlist

Wunderlist for linux

This one is a clean and neat application that offers a list of things to be done. These tasks will be synchronized on all the servers.

3. Gnome do

Gnome Do for Linux

A fast and efficient method of launching applications on your computer, you will find this fairly useful and easy to use.

4. Hamster time tracker

Hamster time tracker for Linux

If you are the kind that feels that you are not making the best use of your time and seem to let things get away, then this one is for     you. This will show you what work is taking more time so that you can tweak it.

5. Avant Window Navigator

Avant Window Navigator for Linux

Is quite a simple dock that can be used for Linux distributions. While it is not as sought after as Docky, it still is quite effective and has plenty of applets making it great to utilize

6. Cairo

Cairo for Linux

This another choice for Dock and can be very useful.

7. Shutter

Shutter for Linux

In this one there are many alternatives that you can use to take a good screenshot. With each option you will find that are some sub options that let you pick the one you want. So no matter what sort of shot you want on your screen, you will find a great way to do it.

8. Dropbox

Dropbox for Linux

This is the cloud option that lets you access your data no matter where you are in a simple, convenient and safe manner.

9. Quicksynergy

QuickSynergy for Linux

This one is probably one of the simplest ways of sharing the keyboard and mouse that you have for one computer to another one or even several of them.

10. Nitro Tasks

Nitro for Linux

This application is quite recent and has the potential to be improved with more features to make it even more wonderful. It is also quite easy to use offering many functions and has synchronization of the cloud using either Ubuntu one or Dropbox.
These applications just offer you a peek into what you can get and use to make your life more efficient and streamlined. If anything has been missed out, do let us know so that we can add it for you.