October 27, 2013

Ubuntu Gnome 13.10

Installed the latest Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 and am getting used to it. It is not the same as my favorite Ubuntu 12.10 with Gnome Shell. In Gnome's effort to simplify and streamline, there is not much flexibility. And flexibility is what Linux should be all about. I logged into the Gnome Classic desktop.  I installed the Synaptic package manager, Chrome, Midori, Epiphany, Deluge, Pidgin, Audacious, Banshee, the Thunar File Manager (more like the old Nautilus file manager), Screenlets, and the Greybird Theme. Memory used was 287 MB. It was nice not to have to tweak the location of the open/close/minimize buttons to the right, or remove the global scroll bars, as in previous distributions. I could not add icons, short-cuts, or gadgets to the toolbars. Still working on this. I also had several error messages. These might get better as updates are released.

Below are my screen shots. Your milage may vary. Below is a link where you can get it.

You can download Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 here: