October 24, 2013

31 Free eBooks On Linux

31 Free eBooks On Linux!  
Looking for a specific book on Linux? This list of 31 free ebooks might have something to interest you. Have a look! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013 From distro-based books to books on commandline, EFYTimes brings to you an extensive collection of books on Linux.

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1. Puppy Linux
- Wikibooks, 2010
Puppy Linux is a free distribution (distro) of Linux that can run live (without installation). It is specifically designed to be smaller than other distros (and faster or suitable for older hardware) but nevertheless fully featured.

2. Linux Sound
by Jan Newmarch, 2012
There is a large variety of tools for every aspect of Linux sound system. If two methods are developed for one task, which one should be chosen? What are the distinguishing features of one solution that make it more appropriate for your problem?

3. The Linux Command Line
by William E. Shotts, Jr. - Lulu.com, 2009
Designed for the new command line user, this volume covers the same material as LinuxCommand.org but in much greater detail. In addition to the basics of command line use and shell scripting, the book includes some more advanced topics.

4. CentOS Essentials by Neil Smyth - Techotopia, 2010
CentOS Essentials is a book designed to provide detailed information on the use and administration of the CentOS 5.x Linux distribution. The book covers the basics of configuring the desktop environment, resolving screen resolution issues, etc.

5. A Slackware Desktop Enhancement Guide by Darrell Anderson - Human Readable
The pros and cons of Slackware could be summarized in one word: minimalism. This guide will help people overcome some of the common usability hurdles infamously associated with Slackware. The result is a stable and satisfying operating system.

6. Linux Quick Fix Notebook by Peter Harrison - Prentice Hall, 2005
This book provides instructions on how to configure the most popular Linux back office applications. To avoid confusion between the many flavors of Linux, this book exclusively uses the command line to illustrate the tasks needed to be done.

7. The Linux Gamers' HOWTO by Peter Jay Salzman, Frederic Delanoy, 2004
This is a stepping stone to to give people the knowledge to begin thinking about what is going on with their games. You need to know a little more about what's going on behind the scenes with your system to be able to keep your games healthy.

8. Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO by Hank Dietz - The Aggregate, 1998
This document discusses the basic approaches to parallel processing available to Linux users: SMP Linux systems, clusters of networked Linux systems, parallel execution using multimedia instructions, and attached processors hosted by a Linux system.

9. The Linux Wireless LAN Howto
by Jean Tourrilhes, 2007
This document will explore the magical world of Wireless LANs and Linux. Wireless LAN is not a very widespread and well known technology, even in the Linux world, so we will try to gather here most of the available information.

10. Linux IPv6 HOWTO
by Peter Bieringer, 2009
The goal of the Linux IPv6 HOWTO is to answer both basic and advanced questions about IPv6 on the Linux operating system. This HOWTO will provide the reader with enough information to install, configure, and use IPv6 applications on Linux machines.

11. Linux Dictionary
by Binh Nguyen, 2004
This document is designed to be a resource for those Linux users wishing to seek clarification on Linux/UNIX/POSIX related terms and jargon. At approximately 24000 definitions it is one of the largest Linux related dictionaries currently available.

12. Guide to Managing Media and Public Relations in the Linux Community
by Sheldon Rose - Linux Professional Institute, 2005
This document is intended for people who want to learn practical ways to raise the profile of an organization or promote new programs. This guide provides information on how to generate positive public relations and news media coverage for Linux.

13. The Linux Kernel
by Andries Brouwer, 2003
This text covers the kernel source, user space and the libc interface, system calls, signals, file names and files, filesystems, Linux virtual file system, memory, processes, character devices, asynchronous events, sysfs and kobjects, security.

14. GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary
by Gareth Anderson, 2006
This document is an attempt to provide a summary of useful command-line tools available to a GNU/Linux based operating system, the tools listed are designed to benefit the majority of users and have being chosen at the authors discretion.

15. Pocket Linux Guide
by David Horton - LDP, 2005
The Pocket Linux Guide is for anyone interested in learning the techniques of building a GNU/Linux system from source code. Each chapter explores a small piece of the overall system explaining how it works, why it is needed and how to build it.

16. Linux 102 Examination: Modular Training Notes
- Leading Edge Business Solutions, 2006
This course aims to equip you with the knowledge to be able to pass the LPI 102 examination (release 2). We hope that in the course of doing this course you will acquire the skills that go with an understanding of how Linux works.

17. Linux 101 Examination: Modular Training Notes
- Leading Edge Business Solutions, 2006
This course material is based on the objectives for the Linux Professionals Institute's LPI 101 examination. The course is intended to provide you with the basic skills required for operating and administering Linux systems.

18. Linux 101 Hacks
by Ramesh Natarajan - The Geek Stuff, 2009
There are total of 101 hacks in this book that will help you build a strong foundation in Linux. All the hacks are explained with appropriate Linux command examples that are easy to follow. The hacks are concise, well written and easy to read.

19. Linux in the Workplace
by SSC - No Starch Press, 2002
Introduction to the desktop capabilities of Linux and the KDE graphical user interface. The book includes information on how to perform general office-related tasks, how to use email and surf the Internet, work with the command line, and more.

20. The CTDP Linux User's Guide
by Mark Allen - CTDP, 2000
Organized overview of Linux commands, file systems, system configuration, networking, managing users and processes, configuration of X, init process, liLO and the kernel, setting up system logging, user accounting, CRON, network, DNS, DHCP, etc.

21. OpenSUSE Desktop Essentials
- Techotopia, 2007
The book covers the use and configuration of the openSUSE GNOME desktop environment. Topics covered include changing the background, installing and customizing themes, configuring fonts, configuring workspaces, remote access to the desktop, etc.

22. GNU Emacs Manual
by Richard Stallman - Free Software Foundation, 2007
GNU Emacs is much more than a word processor. This book explains the full range of Emacs' power and contains reference material useful to expert users. Appendices with specific material for Macintosh and Microsoft OS users are included.

23. Slackware Linux Essentails, 2nd Edition
by D. Cantrell, L. Johnson, A. Hicks, C. Lumens - FreeBSD Mall, 2005
This Book in designed to get you started with Slackware Linux operating system. It`s not meant to cover every single aspect of the distribution, but rather to show what it is capable of and give you a basic working knowledge of the system.

24. Knowing Knoppix
by Phil Jones - Wikibooks, 2008
This is a guide to the Knoppix Linux for the complete beginner. There is no need to install Knoppix, it runs Linux completely from a CD or DVD. Read this text if you are curious about Linux, and you want to discover what all the fuss is about.

25. Self-Service Linux: Mastering the Art of Problem Determination
by Mark Wilding, Dan Behman - Prentice Hall PTR, 2005
The book goes into details about the linux system, how to use built in tools, how to read C source code, how that C source translates into assembly, how different assembly optimizations can make debugging difficult, the memory heap and stack, etc.

26. Agustin's Linux Manual
by Agustin Velasco - vegaslocal.com, 2003
Step-by-step tutorial on GNU/Linux based on Mandrake Linux. The book covers everything from installation to system administration: set up Apache web server, bind Postfix email servers, DNS, Samba server and security, how to close unnecessary ports.

27. Linux Kernel in a Nutshell
by Greg Kroah-Hartman - O'Reilly Media, Inc., 2006
Comprehensive overview of kernel configuration and building, a critical task for Linux users and administrators. The book covers configuration and installation steps, control of kernel options at runtime, determining what drivers are needed, etc.

28. Linux Internals
by Simone Demblon, Sebastian Spitzner - The Shuttleworth Foundation, 2004
A textbook that shows the internal workings of the system in an approachable fashion, so that anyone can use this text to learn. The authors explain the lower level information without becoming too entrenched in the nitty-gritty details.

29. Linux from Scratch
by Gerard Beekmans - Iuniverse Inc, 2000
Teaches you how a Linux operating system works internally and provides the necessary steps to build your own customized Linux system. Information are provided about all that makes Linux work, how system things get together, and depend on each other.

30. Linux Client Migration Cookbook
- IBM.Com/Redbooks, 2006
Provides a technical planning reference for IT organizations that are considering a migration to Linux-based personal computers. This book explains some of the important planning issues that you could encounter during a migration project.

31. Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager
by Mel Gorman - Prentice Hall PTR, 2004
A comprehensive guide to the Linux VM, it explains in detail how the memory manager is implemented in Linux. The book also includes the theoretical foundations for VM which is of interest to both students and developers.

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