February 6, 2011

Xubuntu v10.10 is a lighter alternative to Ubuntu

I tried using Xubuntu on an older PC I had recently upgraded. It has an old integrated SIS video card that does not support transparency well. Xubuntu connected to my home wireless network, and has the full Synaptic Software Manager and Software Center respositories to get me all my favorite programs. It comes with Firefox, Pidgin, Gimp, Exaile Music player with EQ, and much of the same apps from the Gnome shell. Nautilus file manager has been replaced with the Thunar File Manager, which is almost as nice. I added the Shiki Human Theme and wood wallpaper to give it rich look. Overall a very nice package for those of us with older hardware. See my screen shots below and a link where to get Xubuntu 10.10.

You can download Xubuntu here: http://www.xubuntu.org/