July 22, 2017

How to create a disk image ISO

Create disk images it is often necessary to install on PC old games that were distributed on diskson modern computerswhich frequently do not have DVD driveJust remember that protect games from illegal distribution - DRM, often incompatiblewith virtual drives

Let's learn how to create disk images
.ISO files
 are disk images. A complete copy of a CD or DVD disc in one file. This file can be "mounted" and accessed as a virtual CD or DVD available as a physical disc.
In Linux you can create an ISO image using the terminal or the burning softwareincluded in your distribution. For examplein Linux Mint ISO image can be created usingutility, BraseroTo do this, open Brasero, select Disk copy and select the Disc to write toThe image will be createdIn other distributions include other programs, but the essence remains the same - copy a physical disk to the image.
How to create the disk image ISO in Linux Mint?
Clicking on the Properties button, you can choose where to save the image and can also choose the format for the generated image.
How to create the disk image ISO in Linux Mint?
Also, you can create an image with the command in the terminal:
sudo dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/username/image.iso
Replace /dev/cdrom with the path to your optical drive, e.g. /dev/dvd and/home/username/cd.iso — the path to the future ISO image.
The resulting disk can be mounted by the mount commandright there in the terminal orwith the graphical tool to choose according to your taste.
How to create the disk image ISO in Linux Mint?
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