June 23, 2016

ChaletOS 16.04 is an impressive & polished XFCE Distro

I tried the new ChaletOS 16.04 XFCE distro based on Xubuntu 16.04 LTS, and it is an impressive and polished linux distro. It offers a smooth transition to former Windows users using the familiar Windows 7 launcher, along with a number of tools for the new user like: Start Point- a grouping of recommended downloads, and how-to videos, Synaptic Package Manager, as well as many of the best-in-breed linux applications like: Firefox, Pidgin IM, Audacious music player, VLC audio/video player, Winetricks, and more. It does not come pre-loaded with an Office Applications Suite, but LibreOffice is available for download. It also offers a number of very polished themes available through the Style Changer. In the Style Changer, it also offers pre-configured Conky Manager themes. This alone is a big time saver for the new user. It runs fast and looks great with a large number of high quality wallpapers too. Users looking for a polished, fast, and easy to use distro, have found a new home in ChaletOS 16.04. Below are my screen shots and a link where to download it. Enjoy.

Thunar (included) and Nemo File Managers

Style Changer theme utility

Start Point recommended applications

Start Point how to videos

You can download ChaletOS 16.04 here: