August 21, 2015

A linux alternative for Windows users - Xubuntu 15.04

With the discovery of Microsoft tracking everything you do on Windows 10, there is a renewed interest in open source linux software. Google also does the same. To this effort, I setup the latest Xubuntu 15.04 as a Windows XP / 7 / 10 alternative. I am using the Radiance theme for a polished look from my previous post this month. Also installed the excellent newly released Clementine and Yarock music players with built-in Internet radio stations. Below are my results and a link where to download the latest Xubuntu. Open source works....!

You can also give Xubuntu a Windows 8/10 theme as well. See the link below to get it.

You can get the XFCE theme, XFCEight here:

You can download Xubuntu 15.04 here: