June 20, 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 is a solid upgrade

I installed the latest Ubuntu 14.04 and its variants (Gnome, Xubuntu, Lubuntu) and have chosen the regular desktop as the best new solution to my preference for a traditional Gnome look and feel. Using the GNOME Flashback Session with Compiz, gets you back to this desktop with little trouble. From there I installed Synaptic, the Nemo File Manager (better than Nautilus), Pidgin, Chrome, Docky, Deluge, Audacious, Yarock, Gnome Tweak Tool, Ubuntu Tweak, Unity Tweak Tool (needed to move buttons to the right), Screenlets, and Greybird and Elementary icon themes. I tried a number of music players including Banshee, gmusicBrowser, Deadbeef, Clementine, Rythmbox, Yarock, and Audacious. It is very snappy and has a faster boot time than my old Ubuntu 12.10 build. The Ubuntu Gnome version was also good, but did not allow me to edit the top & bottom toolbars. Overall a very good news for us all. Below are my screen shots and a link where to get the files. Enjoy.

You can download images of Ubuntu 14.04 here: