November 3, 2012

Best Linux Twitter Clients

Best Linux twitter client applications

During Hurricane Sandy, Twitter was used a lot for FEMA and local state emergency updates. So it really showed people the power of this communication tool. My current favorite is Hotot and Qwit for linux. See a nice review below.

After installing the any Linux distribution people, twitter application comes in the priority list for the people who use twitter. Even though the recent Ubuntu has been socialise with the custom add of twitter, facebook or various other social application. I still prefer twitter application for my daily use. Twitter application gives you an easy access to tweet and do other tweet stuff in twitter. Before starting the list of twitter client application. There are various twitter client available with different platform some need Adobe Air  to operate whereas other needed different other platform. Therefore I am providing the list of twitter application that might be useful for Linux user with screen-shot and video review.

1. Hotot


Hotot is wonderful twitter client that is only available for Linux. It has friendly user interface with slide animation on each menu. The different navigation at button of the application give you easy access to all the things that you need in twitter.First home timeline show all the tweet of your followers. Mention list gives all the list of the twitter user who mention you in their tweets. Direct message show you all the message of twitter. There is another button called Re tweet and Re tweeted. where all the retweeted by others and retweeted by you tweets will show up other two menu helps you to search people and tweets.
Watch Video to see More about hotot

To install Hotot do the following:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hotot-team
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install hotot

2. Gwibber


Gwibber is another great social application which not only include but lots of different social application. Its the great tools if you want to use different social networking. If you are using Ubuntu 10.10 or Ubuntu 10.04 it will be in default you don’t have to install. See the video for more information.
Watch Video to see more about Gwibber

3. Turpial



Turpial is a light weight Linux twitter client written by python. Turpial has different function like hotot However there are different other function that make Turpial awesome twitter client popular. To know more about Turpial function Please watch the video.
Watch Video to know more about Turpial

Pino, Tweetdeck, choqok are other great twitter application. Tweet deck is multi platform twitter client which needs adobe air to operate. Its also available for windows and android. There are other large amount of twitter client. Don’t forget to mention your best twitter client through comment

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