September 3, 2012

GNObuntu coming 10-18-12 and preview available now for DL

GNOBuntu looks like the Gnome Shell Remix v12.10 with linux kernal 3.5-14 and Gnome 3.5.9, with the Ephiphany web browser standard. See my screen shots below.

It seems that the growing "ecosystem" of official Ubuntu projects is about to expand by another member. Initially named "GNOMEbuntu", the new Ubuntu flavour will come with a vanilla GNOME 3 desktop and GNOME Shell, rather than Unity. OMG! Ubuntu!'s Joey Sneddon writes in "GNOME-flavoured Ubuntu Spin Coming October 18th": "'GNOMEbuntu', to be based on Ubuntu 12.10, will be released on October 18th - the same day that Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu all release their latest versions. GNOMEbuntu aims to provide as much of a 'vanilla' GNOME experience as possible whilst also keeping various elements from Ubuntu. After all it is an Ubuntu-based spin. GNOME Shell is provided as the default desktop, and GDM -- which sports new fancy pants animations in 3.6 -- is to be used for the lock and login screens. File-manager wise the spin will use the same version of Nautilus as Ubuntu. Other changes currently suggested/mooted include: Epiphany will be the default web-browser; AbiWord will be included in place of LibreOffice; no Ubuntu One by default; GNOME Classic session included (complete with Ubuntu's indicators); Rhythmbox (and its various music store plugins) will remain." An initial developer-only release called "Ubuntu GNOME Remix" is now available for download.