October 22, 2011

Edubuntu 11.10 Classic Gnome Desktop installed

I installed Edubuntu 11.10 using the Classic Gnome desktop. I also found that the XFCE desktop manager is also part of the standard DVD install. And you can choose which desktop you want each time you log in. It comes with Firefox v7.01, Banshee media player, Libre Office, and the Thunar file manager by default. There also are a wealth of graphic applications included. Edubuntu with the Gnome desktop seems very restricted. There are only 2 themes included: Ambiance and Radiance. There are less options to move toolbars, add themes, or change the location of the min/max buttons on the title bars. I even had to add Nautilus file manager and the Synaptic Update manager. In time, I'll learn more. I added wood wallpaper and used the Radiance theme.
Below are my Gnome and XFCE desktops. So if you want the Classic Gnome desktop on the latest Ubuntu build, Edubuntu 11.10 fits the bill. My feeling, is that I will stick with Ubuntu 11.04 and upgrade the apps I need, or switch to Xubuntu 11.10.

Below is the Ubuntu Software Center

You have to install the Compiz Setting Manager from the Ubuntu Software Center

Below is the Synaptic Package Manager

Edubuntu allows you to boot to Classic Gnome, Classic Gnome No Effects, and XFCE. Below are 2 screen shots showing the XFCE desktop manager.