August 21, 2011

4 YouTube Channels Linux Enthusiasts Should Follow

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YouTube became a big hit, finding great videos on the topics that you are most interested about was easier than ever.
However, now that YouTube has been the standard for widespread video streaming for quite some time now, it’s hard to filter through the millions of channels that exist on YouTube to find the right ones that you want to subscribe to.

This is also the case if you are a Linux enthusiast who wants to find good channels for information and news discussions. So here are some of my picks of which Linux YouTube channels to follow.

The Linux Action Show

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The Linux Action Show is a weekly show produced by Jupiter Broadcasting, who also offers a number of other shows on their channel. Some of them are tech-related, others are not. During each episode of The Linux Action Show, or LAS for short, the hosts go through a ritual of showing a cool system that runs Linux (think outside the box), top Android picks, Linux news and discussion, and then a feature review. Their feature review changes between distribution reviews, “cool app” reviews, and dedicated discussion on major news items. In my experience, I have found that some of their discussions are a little opinionated, especially when talking about distributions. However, even if you don’t exactly agree with what they say, I still recommend that you check them out. Even if they say something I don’t agree with, I still keep watching for the entertainment value.

This Week In Linux

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This Week In Linux is another great channel for those who want to stay up to date with the Linux community. What started out as weekly episodes that covered a week’s-worth of news turned into an expanded channel that did news, distribution reviews, and other occasional specialties. Over time a nice community has formed around the channel, which is always a great thing to see in the open source world. I recommend the channel because of the good coverage of Linux news, plus the high quality of the videos that are produced. A lot of care is taken into making those videos, so props should be given for that. You can also check out his website by clicking here.


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If you haven’t heard of NixiePixel and are an Ubuntu user, then you have definitely been missing out for quite some time. NixiePixel is another Linux enthusiast who specifically uses Ubuntu. She regularly produces videos that are short but effective tips that make your time with Ubuntu much more pleasurable. In case you have any doubts about her credibility, don’t. She is also a writer at the popular OMG! Ubuntu! website who publish multiple posts over Ubuntu daily. Overall, her channel is definitely worth checking out. Just don’t forget to say hi to her keyboard cat.


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My last recommendation does not actually have regular Linux-related YouTube videos, but the ones that do get published are definitely worth checking out. Chris Pirillo (lockergnome) has a fairly successful technology channel in which most of the videos he publishes are very detailed discussions over whatever the topic happens to be. Every now and then he talks about a Linux-related topic, and most of them help spur your thinking about what you really want out of your Linux box. Although he does talk about individual distributions, they are not reviews but instead a great discussion in which he does his “reviewing”. His words of wisdom are pretty interesting, so do check him out when you can.


There are even more worthy channels in addition to the ones that I listed that didn’t make the cut but should be worth your viewing time. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to this list, but use it as a guide to find the channels you are looking for. With this list you should be able to make good use of YouTube to follow the Linux YouTube channels you like the most.
What channels can you recommend for this list? Is there anything major that I missed? Let us know in the comments!