July 4, 2011

July Desktop

For July I had a problem installing Ubuntu v10.10 on my new AMD X4-965 desktop with wireless USB connector. So I had no choice to look elsewhere, but found a solution installing the Pinguy OS 11.04 Lite version. As reported back in my June posting, this is an amazing distro based on Ubuntu 11.04 which found my wireless drivers even on the live CD.  It also comes with the attractive Gnome 2.x window manager and Elementary GTK theme as default. I added the metacity title bars from the eGTK theme, Avant launcher, and Ubuntu wood wallpaper.  Also added the FX Chrome theme to Firefox to give it a clean look. The Lite version does not have much in it, so I had to add a lot of favorite apps to it (Startup manager, gnome screen shot, Pidgin, Chromium, Libre Office, Deluge, Audacious and Rhythmbox music players). Below are screen shots and a link where to get Pinguy OS 11.04 regular and Lite. Many thanks to Pinguy OS ! It is now my favorite default linux distro.

You can get Pinguy OS here:

Here is a link to an old Mac like favorite theme Shiny Metal GTK theme here: