September 18, 2010

Mandriva One Spring 2010 Gnome has excellent WiFi drivers

I have been searching for a Gnome Linux Distro with support for Wireless drivers out of the box. I have a Zonet/Railink USB wireless G adaptor that has been problematic. Ubuntu offers the Ndisrwapper windows driver utility, but this has not worked for the Zonet hardware.

I had read on one of the forums that Mandriva was one distro that had good wireless driver support. So I downloaded the latest Mandriva One Spring 2010 ISO and burned it to CD and tried it on my work HP Elitebook laptop running as a Live distro. And Bingo it found the Intel wireless driver and connected without having to install anything. Very Impressive. After trying to also get the Zonet/Railink USB wireless connected, it did find the Railink driver, but I have not been successful connecting yet. I am still trying and researching this. And because it is the Gnome desktop, I felt right at home compared to my old Ubuntu 10.04.

Below are my screen shots showing my new Linux Wireless Champion - Mandriva Spring 2010 Gnome.  I show the standard Mandriva theme, an OSX Perfecktion theme, and a Shiki Dust theme. It is actually a coming home of sorts for me, because Mandriva was the first Linux distro I ever tried over 3 years ago. The RPM program files are just as easy as DEB files to install. So there is not much not to like here.

Below is where you can download this wonderful distro. Highly recommended.

Standard Mandriva Gnome Spring 2010

Mandriva also supports uTube videos by default even running the live CD.....below

Adding an OSX Theme called Perfecktion...with Aqua wallpaper....

Here I've added the Shiki Dust Theme...and wood wallpaper....