May 15, 2010

25+ Mac Look Alike Themes For Linux OS

Lately I've been leaning towards the Apple Mac Themes on all my Linux machines. Many others are too. You can get the overall feel of Leopard OSX for a free Linux price. How sweet it is. Posted

Mac OS has been popular ever since Apple Computer Inc. has established itself as leader of brand of stylish cool tech gadgets and latest innovations. Mac OS is one such product which is counted by many industry believers for its beauty and eye glossy charming sight to its users. Since open nature of Linux OS permits modification and changes, so many Linux users have tried to giveaway free Mac look alike themes compatible with most of Linux OS. Default themes at times can be boring and extra theme pack in hand always comes handy when you wish to juggle your Linux OS theme. Here I have compiled 20+ cool near Mac look alike themes developed by Linux gurus. Have a look please.


Munics is a Mac OS X Leopard look-a-like GTK theme for GNOME. Its different from all the Mac look alike themes out there as none of them are update or bugged with petty issues. Its made from scratch with core pixmap engine and of course combine of host of many other applications too. Developed by Vincent Murasame.

Ubuntu Clean Theme

Ubuntu Clean Theme was made from different files downloaded from website. Thanks for all those who made the original files! Developed by Aby Gomez

Nodoka Mac

Nodoka Mac is a modification of Audora Leopard BSM, based on Nodoka GIT.
Developed by Wojtek Konefal

Similiar Suite

Similiar Suite is a GTK theme/style based on elementary by Daniel Fore (DanRabbit) and the Elementary Art TeaM. Developed by Razanajato Harenome


McNarf includes: GTK and Emerald themes, a round and a square Metacity theme and two readme-files (for example, ho to change from the button-look toolbar to the normal toolbar...). Developed by Dani Klenovsky

Aurora Leopard Metaled

Aurora Leopard Metaled merges components of three themes, and makes a fine tune on the style & color. Developed by My feing


A Leopard-like GTK 2.x Theme/Style for GNOME. eLeopard is a GTK theme that may be another Leopard emulation version. Developed by Yogi Yu

1a gekos-iTunes (LEOPARD)

Mac OS-like theme for your GNOME desktop. 1a gekos-iTunes (LEOPARD) is a Mac OS Leopard look-a-like GTK theme. Developed by Georgi Kostadinov

Aurora Leopard BSM

Aurora Leopard BSM is a Leopard-like theme powered by the Aurora engine. Developed by Bruno Schmidt Marques.

Leopard Black

Leopard Black is a Mac OS X-like theme for your GNOME desktop. Developed by Hitokiri Shostakovich.


GlowLeopard is a mix between the Glow and the last iRoll themes. Developed by join fh2s.

Human Leopard

Human Leopard is a GTK theme based on the Glossy P and Elegance GTK-themes.
Developed by Nelson lvarez


imetal is a port of the imetal OSX theme by AndyBlac. It uses the pixbuf engine so it's a little slow, but i couldn't make an accurate port without it. Developed by Nick


GrayThemeX is a GTK theme for the GNOME desktop based on Symphony Clearlooks Compact. It tries to emulate the MAC OS X Leopard look. Developed by tenebro

Open Leopard

Open Leopard allows you to make your KDE look like MacOSX Leopard! Who says KDE isn't beautiful? The archive contains two configurations for Domino kde style, polyester window decoration settings and two kde colour schemes. Instructions are included. Developed by Eldarion.

GTK Leopard for Linux by eamon63

GTK Leopard for Linux by eamon63 is a clone of the MAC OS X Leopard look, for the GNOME desktop environment on Linux systems. Developed by Arturo Vauva

Mac OS Tiger

Mac OS Tiger is a GTK theme based on the OSX-Tiger style. Metacity theme based on MacOS-X Aqua Theme 1.2.1. Developed by Andrew.


mac'a'like is a GTK theme powered by the Candido engine. Developed by jck bcn.


MurrinaWhite is a Mac OS X-like GTK theme powered by the Murrine engine. Developed by Adam Agentdunken.

Mac Os X Leopard

Mac Os X Leopard is a Leopard-like GTK theme for GNOME users. To get the Menu bars like a glass theme right click them hit properties, then background, check the solid color box, and set transparency to desired level lower = more clear higher = darker.


Mac OS PINK is a pink Mac OS X-like GTK theme for GNOME. Developed by Alberto Piet.


gekos-leopard is a Mac OS X Leopard-style GTK theme for GNOME. You'll have to add Panel/menubar-gekos.png (from the theme directory) as background for your panel using panel properties dialog (right click on an empty part of the panel and choose "properties" in the menu). Developed by Georgi Kostadinov


Leotard is yet another a Leopard look-a-like GTK theme for GNOME. Developed by Johan Eriksson.


OSX-Leopard is a refined and smooth GTK theme for the GNOME desktop, with a Mac OS X Leopard look. The Metacity theme is included in the package. The theme is based on OSX-Tiger by Lauri Taimila. Developed by Riz Blan.

Cybertron Leopard

Cybertron Leopard is a GNOME theme based on many other themes. It tries to clone the Mac OS X Leopard theme. Developed by Sidney Matias.


MurrinaPredatore is a theme for the GNOME desktop inspired by, but not a copy of a well known operating system.

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