July 3, 2009

Linux Music Players

I've been exploring the available music players to find out which one works best. I'm interested in Internet Radio stations, playing my ripped CDs, and playing my general MP3 library. I have tried Audacious, Rhythmbox, Banshee, and Songbird. It's kind of mixed bag of sorts. For the best sound, the plugins in Audacious are tops. For the best music library management Songbird excels. Songbird also has some excellent skins, called feathers. Rhythmbox and Banshee are similar, with a slight edge to Banshee for support for various MP3 VBR variable bit rates. So right now, Songbird seems to fill the bill. Below are screeshots of:
1) Rhythmbox
2) Banshee
3) Songbird and a few skins



Songbird Aero-

Songbird Default Grey-

Songbird Dark-

Songbird Aero Blue-

Songbird WMP-

Songbird NABS white silver-