August 27, 2005

MEPIS v3.3.1 Version Package Contents-Summary

Simply Mepis
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Current Version: Simply Mepis 3.3.1
Release Date: 05/12/2005
SimplyMEPIS 3.3.1 Release anouncement ( 3.3.1-1 Maintenance Release 06/10/2005 (
KDE 3.3.2
Kernel 2.6.10 and 2.4.29
Important packages: OpenOffice 1.1.3 (with WordPerfect document support), Firefox 1.0, Mplayer plugin, Gaim, Xchat, Konqueror, Kmail, Pan, Skype, GIMP, Digikam, Acrobat Reader 7.0, Real Player, Xine, XMMS, Kino, GTKPod (with automatic support for both Mac and PC iPods), Scribus, Checkbook Tracker, KPilot, QTParted, Synaptic, Kpackage.
It's a mix of Debian Sarge and Sid (Terminology)
It installs/upgrades from Sid -- you need to uncomment the Debian sources in /etc/apt/sources.list

Getting and Installing Mepis
Next major release: Simply Mepis 3.4 it will include KDE 3.4
Because of Mepis commitment to remain as Debian compatible as possible, it will switch to, OpenOffice 2.0, and KDE 3.4, only when Debian releases those packages.
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